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Inflatable 2-in-1 Back Wedge

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Inflatable 2-in-1 Back Wedge

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Inflatable 2-in-1 Back Wedge

The Inflatable 2-in-1 Back Wedge is a top seller. This model is the most popular for providing relief for respiratory and digestive issues. It is lightweight yet durable. Its non-skid design prevents it from sliding around during your slumber.
  • Can be placed in a horizontal or vertical position
  • Adjust the firmness/softness through the Air Release Switch
  • Non-skid design prevents the wedge from slipping during the night
  • Deflates in 15 seconds and can be easily stored
  • Made from heavy-duty PVC that is puncture resistant


Wedge Dimensions 32" x 24" x 7"
Air Pump Dimensions 5" x 4" x 5"

Inclined Sleep Therapy is the most effective method to relieve acid reflux. Raising your upper body allows gravity to have a positive effect on your digestive system. Positioning your body this way will reduce reflux episodes, shorten the time acid remains in contact with your esophagus, and overall decrease reflux symptoms. In addition, this position provides relief for sinus congestion, respiratory issues, and snoring.

The wedge can be placed in a horizontal position, under the upper half of your body. You can restfully sleep on your side or back while using this wedge. It can also be placed in a vertical position, behind your back when you are sitting upright. Placing the wedge behind your back provides back support while you are watching TV or reading.

You can control the firmness of this wedge through EZ Valve Technology. Located on the side of the wedge is an Air Release Switch. How much air is inside the wedge directly affects its firmness. After you have filled the wedge with air, gently press the release switch to decrease the amount of air inside the wedge. Cease letting the air out when you find your perfect wedge firmness/height. The air valve tightly closes to prevent air leakage when in use.

The dimensions of this wedge are 32 inches (L) x 24 inches (W) x 7 inches (H). The deluxe velveteen finish feels soft to the touch. It is lightweight yet durable, made from heavy-duty PVC that is puncture resistant. The non-skid design prevents the wedge from slipping during the night.


sku: 30-960R

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