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Large Portable Wheelchair Safe Shower Stall (Made in the USA, 42"w x 42"d x 48"h)


Large Portable Wheelchair Safe Shower Stall (Made in the USA, 42"w x 42"d x 48"h)

$ 4,300.00

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Super Standard Fawssit Portable Shower (42"w x 42"d x 48"h)

Ships fully assembled and ready to use! Made in the USA Warranty: 5 years on the frame; One year on all other components. Portable wheelchair safe showers 42"w x 42"d x 48"h. For use by individuals weighing up to approximately 220 lbs and who do not require footrests on the wheelchair. Designed for any individual who can sit comfortably in a standard sized wheelchair.

This model enables the user to either do their own bathing, with the enclosure of a full privacy curtain, or to have the assistance of a care attendant who can reach in and assist in the bathing without having to get into the shower with the person in a wheelchair. The front curtain can be left open to enable easy caregiver access, and only the FAWSsitTM design directs the waste water to the back of the pan for easy and complete removal with the safe frame-attached waste water removal pump. The shower head can be either frame mounted or hand-held to facilitate complete water access for bathing. Made in the USA of the highest quality materials.

Warranty: 5 years on the frame; One year on all other components.

Free Shipping! Arrives ready unfold and use immediately.

  • Fold Away portable shower wheelchair stalls are manufactured for use by individuals with disabilities who find that traditional bathing facilities are difficult or impossible to use, and who may not be able to do re-modeling of the bathroom to allow for full accessibility. Additional MedAme models are designed for emergency services or HazMat. All MedAme models are completely wheelchair accessible and portable, requiring NO tools or modifications to a site for use.
  • Can't afford a bathroom remodel? Wheel chair accessible, ada approved portable showers are complete shower facilities
  • Accessible shower design allows the person to be bathed to be rolled into the shower stall
  • Decreased infections because bacteria is removed with the water. And, for individuals with more hair on their bodies, soap residueother irritants are removed. And, because of the ease of transport of the shower unit, even catheter accidents while traveling can be dealt with immediately so prolonged exposure to irritants no longer needs to be an issue.
  • Improved circulation with the stimulation of warm water on extremities. Or, critical body temperature cooling can be easily accomplished. Important for many quadriplegics and others who have diminished abilities to detect body temperature changes.
  • Standard drain hose Lanks is 15 feet

Please note returns for reason other than shipping damage or defect are subject to all shipping fees and a 40% restocking fee.  

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